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All service members and dependents participating in Coastline's Military/Corporate Education Programs are required to complete this online Official Education Plan/Degree Plan Request.

DEPENDENTS, please provide the information requested below based on the Active Duty Service Member sponsoring your eligibility in the Spouses Program. Thank you.
DEPENDENTS, please provide the information requested below based on the Active Duty Service Member sponsoring your eligibility in the Spouses Program.
Active Duty Service Member's Name:
Has this service member taken classes at Coastline before?: NO, this service member has not taken classes at Coastline
YES, this service member has taken classes at Coastline
Service Member's Current Installation/
T.A. Location:

Please enter Installation/TA Location here if not found in the list above or 'OTHER' is selected:

NOTE: An Academic Degree Plan is required for students who will be receiving funding from Financial Aid (FAFSA), CAA, GI Bill and/or are pursuing an AA degree with Coastline.
A degree plan will only be prepared if you:
  • Enroll in a Coastline Military Program course.
  • Complete this Official Education Plan/Degree Plan Request in its entirety.
  • Select a Major/Area of Emphasis from the Associate (AA/AS) degree drop down menu. If you are unsure of which major to select, please see the available majors and corresponding Degree Roadmaps here: http://military.coastline.edu/degree_road_sp.cfm
  • Report any and all colleges you have previously attended on this form.
  • Submit official copies of transcripts from all colleges you have previously attended to Coastline.
  • NOTE: Incomplete forms will NOT be processed by the Evaluation Department.
    Phone Number: (a primary number where you can be reached)
    Personal Email:
    Associate Degree in:
    I did not attend college prior to Coastline.
    College 1: College 2:
    College 3: College 4:
    College 5: College 6:
    Please send transcripts to:

    Coastline Community College
    Attention: Military Transcripts
    11480 Warner Avenue
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708

    Electronic Transcripts may be submitted directly from your college/university to Coastline at contracttranscripts@coastline.edu

    Have you applied for any financial support for the program? Choose all that apply:
    Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)
    DOL/DOD Military Spouse Career Advancement Initiative
         Other, I have a different type of Financial Aid (please enter here):

    Today's Date: 10/25/2020, 09:06:26 PM

    WHEREAS, the Coast Community College District 'CCCD' (Coastline Community College 'CCC') is authorized by Section 55170 of Title 5 California Administrative Code Re Community Colleges and Section 72620 of the California Education Code to conduct Contract Instruction and Counseling Services to serve community needs; and

    WHEREAS, in order to meet the unique needs of the military dependent community, the CCCD (CCC) agrees to offer its Military Corporate Education courses and services to eligible dependents through the Military Spouses Program, and

    WHEREAS, I, a Military dependent, desire to participate in the Military Spouses Program offered by the CCCD (CCC), and;

    I understand that my eligibility in this program is based on my current status as a dependent of an active duty service member;

    and that I am 18 years or older and/or have earned a high school diploma or GED.

    FURTHER, I agree to the following:

    I certify that all the information I have provided to Coastline on my college application and in this supplemental application is correct and true.

    I understand that Coastline Community College cannot and will not release personally identifiable information about me to any outside individual, organization, or government agency unless specifically authorized by law, or by my consent.

    I understand that I am obligated to pay the total tuition for the courses in which I have enrolled.

    NOW, THEREFORE, by clicking on the submit button below, I agree to the terms and conditions specified within this Enrollment Agreement and generally found within the Coastline Military Spouses Program Website at http://military.coastline.edu.
    Are you interested in transfering to a 4-year college/university after you obtain your Associate Degree. NO
    YES. Please send me information about transfer options.