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I am NOT in the Military Spouses Program
I am in the Military Spouses Program

I have an Official Education Plan with Coastline.

2a. I would like to request a copy of my original Official Education Plan.
I have misplaced my Official Education Plan and would like a copy of the original emailed to me. I understand this request is for a copy only and will not include updates.
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2b. For students who have had an Official Education Plan completed or updated since July 2013, you will automatically have access to your DegreeWorks Degree Audit. The courses you have taken after your Official Education Plan was prepared with the currently enrolled classes will appear in the appropriate place in your degree plan. For those Official Education Plan or updates completed prior to July, 2013, external college and military transfer units will be posted to your student record when we process your update request.
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2c. I have submitted additional college and/or military transcripts that include courses and military training that were not reflected in my original Official Education Plan.

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2d. I would like a Different Major.
My military or college transcript reflects additional credit which I believe is applicable toward a major other than the one previously evaluated. The DegreeWorks system (referenced above) has a "What If" option that shows how your Coastline College and currently enrolled classes will meet the requirements of a different major. We recommend that you use that system to check possible majors before you request to change your.

Major Change requests may affect your eligibility for tuition assistance or financial aid. Please speak with your education office or Coastline's Financial Aid department for more information.

*Please see requirement details before selecting your major:

- OR -

2e. I have graduated with an AA or AS degree and would like to achieve an additional degree.
A second degree plan will be prepared for me. Please note that students that already have earned a degree, must take 12 units after that first degree to re-establish residency for the additional degree.

Comments: please provide additional comments, if necessary, regarding your request for an updated plan.

Are you planning on using Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)?

Are you planning on using your GI Bill/Veterans Assistance to pay for your tuition?