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All students participating in Coastline's Corporate Education Programs are required to complete this online Degree Form. Thank you.

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SEIU Ed Fund

An Official Academic Plan is prepared only if you:
  1. Complete this Request Form in its entirety.
  2. Select a 'Major/Certificate' option from the drop-down box below.
    A list of degree majors and requirements is available here:
  3. Indicate all colleges you attended prior to Coastline below (if applicable).
  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended prior to Coastline (if applicable).


* Please see requirement details before selecting your major: Students pursuing Business Administration should choose Associate in Arts in Business Administration if transfer to a four year university is planned.

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Coastline Community College
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Upon receipt of all official transcripts, we will process your academic plan based on the major/certificate you selected above. Please note that an official academic plan must be on file prior to submitting your graduation/degree application.