Application for Coastline Community College's STAR Program,
the accelerated program that lets you complete 60 units in just 2 years in the ONLINE Program
Application Instructions

To complete this form please:

  • fill out the application online and click the "Save Star Application" button at the end of the form.
Contact Information:
Coastline Community College STAR Program
Le Jao Center
14120 All American Way
Westminster, CA 92683
Attention: Karen McLucas
(714) 241-6140

Student Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Daytime Phone:
Daytime Extension:
Cell Phone:
Evening Phone:
Evening Extension:

Number of College units Completed:
It is recommended that you join STAR when you have NO MORE THAN 15-20 UNITS COMPLETED. Please see a Coastline Counselor if you have questions.

Educational Objectives (Choose all that apply) Major:
A.A. or A.S. Degree
Transfer to a CSU?   Which CSU campus?
Transfer to a UC?   Which UC campus?
Transfer to a private college?   Which college?

Skills (Check only statements that are true for you) I have strong reading skills.
I have strong basic math skills.
I have strong writing skills.
I feel confident that I can learn at STAR's accelerated pace.

Motivation and Ability (Check only statements that are true for you) I am highly motivated to complete my A.A. degree (first two years of college) or transfer to a four-year school to complete a bachelor's degree.

I am aware and able to commit my time and efforts to the STAR program for a two year period.

I am aware of the available class format: online ONLY.

I can devote adequate "Outside of Classroom" time to the readings, online discussions and other learning activities.

English Placement Test (Choose One)
I have taken and passed the English Placement Test with a high enough score to enroll in English 100 (Freshman Composition).

I have taken the English Placement Test (or English 99 class) at another college an I am requesting my score be sent to Coastline STAR --- Admissions. Specify College:

NOTE: Official, sealed transcripts are required in Admissions and Records Office prior to enrollment. In case of urgency, unofficial transcripts may be faxed to (714) 241-6288 followed by official, sealed copy transcripts mailed to the Admissions and Records Office or hand-carried into your Counseling appointment.

Eligibility Information
  • Be sure to make an appointment with a counselor by calling (714) 241-6162. The counselor can help you determine whether college units you've already completed can count towards your degree. Counselors will help you complete a Student Education Plan.
  • Remenber, you cannot be accepted into the STAR program until you:
    1. Fill out and submit this STAR application and Coastline Community College's Application for Admission found under the "Apply Now" link at Filling out the STAR application does not exempt you from completing the general Coastline Community College Application for Admission.
    2. Meet the prerequisites for English 100 (either pass the English Placement Test at the qualifying level or successfully complete English 099AB).
    3. Obtain your own e-mail address and make sure we have it on file.

I agree to fulfill the STAR Program schedule; I also agree to participate in the graduation ceremony as scheduled by Coastline College.