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Degree Plan; Military SOC Student Agreement
Academic Advising/Counseling
Placement and Exam Testing/Proctoring
My Course or Instructor
Learning 1ST Associate to Bachelor's Degree Program
BHMT/KP Programs
SEIU/KP Programs
GoArmyEd; Army Education Programs
NCPACE (Navy Program Afloat)
Veterans Services/GI Bill®
PocketEd Program
National Test Centers
Workforce Development
Corporate/Industry Training
Coast Learning Systems (Online Courses/Resources)
Military Promise Program
Instructional Design & Support Services
Video Production Services

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Current/Returning Student - Active-duty Service Member
Current/Returning Student - Military Spouse/Dependent
Current/Returning Student - Veteran
Current Student - Corporate/Industry
Current Business/Industry Partner/Client
Prospective Student - Active-duty Service Member
Prospective Student - Military Spouse/Dependent
Prospective Student - Veteran
Prospective Student - Corporate/Industry
Current Business/Industry Partner/Client
Prospective Business/Industry Partner/Client
Coastline College Faculty/Staff
Coast Community College District Faculty/Staff
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